Do you want to boost efficiency of your e-store and your employees at the same time? Sales Support Software is the right solution for you!

Vendors are more and more appointing to support conventional online store. Many of the freshly settled firms also depend on their online shops, entirely resigning from the conventional ones.

E-commerce is growing very quick – more and more Internet users are buying online and increasingly more companies are adopting this innovative, promising sales channel.

Prepared by: Timothy Marsee

To make our online store as fruitful as possible, we have to double-check that our service does not demand from us a lot of commitMENt. Increasingly more e-stores are investing in resolutions that allow the transfer of essential but annoying duties from the worker to the sales support software. By establishing it on the latest generation of ERP software and process engines specially invented to support web shopping, we are able to seriously speed up the shipping time of each order. If the program on which our e-shop is established will be integrated with the system we use in our daily operations, this will give our firm huge savings. The larger the products base, the more collaborators and furnishers, the more we are able to spare on the cooperation of both softwares.

Why so? Both programs will work on the same data, eliminating the need to import / export data or reenter it manually; the virtual store operator will only have one program to handle, which decreases the time required to change between programs; no need to manually enter data will reduce the possibility of mistakes. And it all leads us to the most essential: the maximum cut in the expenditure of operating the online shop while maintaining high quality of service, both thanks to sales support software.

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