How to make sure that old customers remember your firm!

A while ago I have started my own business. This is not a huge one. I would say it is rather small. We operate only in the local area and we provide one of those services which are highly needed as everyone uses from time to time. There is only one problem with this branch – the competition is very tough. Moreover, all competitors provide exactly same services at a similar price. In this industry, there is no room for original services neither for their variations.
There is also no possibility to law a price as it is already on the verge of profitability. So, it was clear that there was not many possibilities. Even if the service was amazing and an employee was very nice and helpful, there was a huge probability that our customer doesn’t remember our name in a few weekd, when will be in need to use this service again. A while ago we even arranged a tiny research that confirmed it! Therefore, after plenty of discussions and brainstorming in our office, we made a decision about 2 crucial things.

Prepared by: Dick Thomas Johnson
Firstly, we are supposed to to have a name that is greatly easy to remember so customers could easily recall it always when they need to use such service again. Nevertheless, that is not so obvious as it could seem to be. Many companies possess quite easy names. The big problem is that easy doesn’t necessarily mean easy to remember. In consequence, we have made a decision to choose just one word. This word is directly connected with our branch and services. Actually, it is literally the first word that appears in your mind when you wonder about this kind of services.

What is more, we decided to create banners. But that was not only creating banners. Plenty of companies have banners but this doesn’t naturally mean that customers remember them and can recognize them. As I said, our aim was that our customers entirely remember us. In consequence, we didn’t try to speculate how to design a successful banner. We asked specialists in banner printing nyc sector on their suggestions. As a result, we received all info which we needed regarding how our name was supposed to be placed on the banner so that graphic is easy to remember.

Eventually, I am extremely happy to say that as a result of two above described methods, turnover of my company has increased by 20% within last 3 months!

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