Don't forget of decent house insulation

Winter in Poland isn't as cold as it use to be decade ago, however still sometimes it is really strong. If we are living in a house with another neighbors we don't need to be afraid about that, cause heating costs are split among many flats.

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thermal insulation
Prepared by: William Murphy

Problem begins when we're owners of house which is couple of decades old.

Many years earlier buildings were constructed in vintage method, so many of them nowadays requires thermal insulation. This contains couple of steps that should aid You to save a lot of money on heating. First thing You need to recall of are the windows. Vintage, wooden ones are very porous, therefore You should replace it with plastic ones. It is not really costly and help You to refresh the apartment. Another step You have to do is to refresh the roof, by replacing old tiles with new ones. However the largest investment of cash would be required with exterior walls of the house. Thermal insulation have to be done, cause most of the hot air is lost trough surfaces. Fortunately these days we can buy really modern panels which will protect exterior of the house. Most of this works will require from You to arrange some extra help, and it must be professional group of contractors. You won't have an issue with that, cause these days all kind of experts are affordable online, on official websites. Only open the browser and choose finer option in Your location. Remember that skills are more important then price of labor.

Thermal insulation is very relevant issue, especially if You are living in vintage, leaky house. It requires from You an investment, however it will pay back within few winters. Only hire proper team of constructors online!

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