Are you restoring a house? You unconditionally have to think of floor heating system in the restroom!

The warmed underfloor is the extravagance that anybody is able to afford, regardless of the wallet's wealth. This unusual solution impresses with efficiency, but it has its disadvantages.

With that said, should you install a floor heating system in your bathroom?

Prepared by: Paul Arps

Unquestionably, this is a system that you should consider while building a house or during a comprehensive renewal. The advantages of floor heating contain low investment expenditures. In the circumstance of water heating, you would not expend too much on the operation, because of employing a low temperature floor heating solution. Electric underfloor heating is related with an increment of electric bills. Floor heating works great with a modest restroom. Radiators and pipes do not take up extra space, which rises the flexibility of interior design. Nevertheless, shall you apply this kind of heating solution, the floor level will rise a few centimeters. In case of floor heating the dirt does not expand excessively and does not lay down on the floor level. Thanks to that, the floor is more hygenic, which makes it less difficult to work in the daily maintenance of the flat. It is also a good resolution for allergy sufferers. The main disadvantage of this heating solution is the need to break the floor and the screed fitting in case of any error. Solely in this way you would be able to reach the origin of the problem.

To sum up, floor floor solution is long-lasting, ergonomic and innovative.

It ensures maximum convenience with minimal expenditure and sporadic maintenance actions. It is therefore recommended to apply the underfloor heating in the bathroom, specially during house comprehensive restoration.

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